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The Hall Tree, An American Family History
(iUniverse, 2002).
It is a paperback, 418 pp, on sale at B&N bookstores (and all chains) for $25.95

My family moved to Cherokee Co. the year Oklahoma became a state. They were in a covered wagon and had their livestock, chickens, etc., with them. They sharecropped across the state until 1917, when they bought a 165-acre farm in the River Bend area of Seminole County. I was born there in 1925, the last of eleven children.

From the Publisher
The Hall Tree begins with John and Mary Hall, who were born in colonial South Carolina in the late Eighteenth Century, and ends nine generations later with the great-granddaughter of the author, Miss Courtney Lea Grimes, who was born in Springfield, Missouri, on August 19, 2001. It is not merely a listing of births and deaths, with names attached, but a compilation of family legends and stories, records, and a great deal more. It is an attempt to compress into a single volume the story of a family that grew as the American nation grew, enlarged as it enlarged, and today is truly a prototype family of the American salad bowl.
Today, we are Native Americans, Latin-Americans, Irish-Americans, Scotch-Americans, German-Americans, Dutch-Americans, French-Americans, Spanish-Americans, Armenian-Americans, and Italian-Americans; and our name is now Herron, Knuckles, Johnson, Pearson, Hanson, Allred, Prestwich, Van Wagoner, Anderson, Holinsworth, Smith, Lloyd, Wright, Gragg, Hales, Hoenshell, Hendrickson, Domyan, Nelson, Helton, Browne, Lanphear, Beard, Peak, Landers, Cardona, Ramsey, Schornick, Kandarian, Papagni, Swann, Potter, Finley, Terrill, Sheppard, Holmes, Bernard, Ceccarelli, Williams, Patterson, French, Mellow, Randolph, Robinson, Aquilar, Bell, Lawyer, McKay, Brown, FitzPatrick, Cannon, Harris, Hyder, Burney, Crisler, Dawson, Sisemore, Rainey, Hines, Thomas, Rogers, and Tobias—as well as Hall.

Wesley Hall

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