Abandoned Cemetery

Directions: Exit I-35, South of Purcell at the Wayne Exit. Turn West on Highway 59, go West for several miles.
Cross Highway 24, still going West, this is where my directions get fuzzy.
I believe it is approx. 1 mile West past Highway 24, but there is a locked gate that is on the north side of street that goes into a pasture.
The cemetery is in that pasture and is best found with the help of the owner or myself.
He bought the land recently and while brush hogging found the cemetery.
When I was there in June of 2002 the grass was waist high and it was very hard to find all the graves.
I only found 1 marked headstone, pictured below, everything else were unmarked rocks.
Some appeared to be possibly placed in an oblong box to mark the grave, others appeared to just be a marker for the head.
The cemetery is on top of a hill and overlooks a beautiful horseshoe lake, but there is no fence or anything to protect the stones.
I will try to go back after the grass has died to get a better look.
If anyone has any idea what the name of this cemetery might be, or who might be buried here please contact me.
The owner of the property is not "into genealogy", he's a nice guy but family history is not his interest.
My name is Angie Long at Angie@genroots.net
Please mention McClain county - Abandoned cemetery in your email.

Deceased Name
Jim Pershing Haig b. 18 Feb 1918
d, 18 Feb 1918
(will have to check date again when I go back to make sure of year)

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